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Turkish Rug Repair needed after pet Damage

Turkish Rug Repair needed after pet Damage

Turkish Rug Repair

Henry the Dachshund puppy damaged my clients lovingly kept Turkish rug. We will repair this Turkish rug in our workshop in London. Our team of restorers will rebuild the foundations and reweave the missing knots and restore the Kilim weave. But first of all we will prepare the correct oriental rug repair wool with the natural dyes.

Finally, we will inspect the rug before delivery and hand deliver it to the client.


Rug Repairs

Seamless, Colour and Pattern matched rug repairs. Possibly the best Rug Repair you can get. Authentic materials sought from all corners of the world we endeavour to get your rugs looking as good as they can be. Probably the most complete Rug Repair and Rug Restoration service you can find in London. Continue Reading

Persian Bidjar Rug Repair

Repairing a beautiful Persian Bidjar rug, which was much loved but also ignored for some years and became worn and frayed around the edges. One of its corners need a complete rebuilt as well as the outer borders of the rug and the fringes. Continue Reading